Summer can relieve stress

The summer comes a whole new set of stressors. Follow these simple tips from wellness coach and “Yen Path” author Jenny Gallagher to stay relaxed and happy during the summer:

1) Don’t over extend yourself.

2) Don’t worry about what other people think. You cannot control what other people thinks so don’t waste time worrying about it.

3) Eat fresh foods. Now is the perfect time to lose a few pounds if you want to. It’s warm outside and therefore heavy foods are not as appealing. Stay away from processed and fast foods because they are high in sodium.

4) Hydrate. When your body does not have enough water and it is much easier to become dehydrated when it’s warm outside.

5) Move. There are lots of excuses during the winter when it comes to exercising but the opposite is true now.  You don’t need the gym and it’s not dark at 4 pm.  So get outside, even if it’s for a leisurely walk.

6) Spring clean those thoughts. You can de-clutter the mind. Your thoughts are your choice. It just takes practice.


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