‘Bluto’ diet makes dieting bearable

A Los Angeles Times editor attempted to lose weight beginning on Jan. 10, and has lost 16.5 pounds since then.

Here are portions of his blog, as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune:

“The key to my success doesn’t lie in the austere diet or draconian exercise regimen. It’s all about the cheat meal. 

“No rules stifle the Epicurean indulgence of my cheat meal. I can eat anything I want — however much I want. It simply could not present a starker contrast to the rest of my week.

“That’s not to say I suffer through each week, but I do long for my weekly cheat meal. I yearn for it. I strain toward it. It keeps me going.

“Some people prefer a monthly interval for their cheat meal. The weekly gap works well for me. It’s never that far away, so my willpower remains at full capacity at all times.”

Think “Bluto,” John Belushi’s character from “Animal House.” He goes through the cafeteria line with a tray piled with food. The editor calls that his cheat meal, although he doesn’t go to the lengths Bluto does eating a mountain of food.

The editor picks a couple of treats and spaces then out seven days apart.

“Two weeks ago, it was a giant Delmonico steak. Last week it was a turtle sundae. Saturday, it was the return of the steak, but this time a prime rib eye (and mashed potatoes, and breadsticks, and rice pudding).

“Rest of the week, it’s Nutrisystem. And five weeks into the diet, I’ve lost 16.5 pounds. At weigh-in time this morning, the scale registered a 188.5.”


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