Pilot texting plan reminds youth about diabetes treatment

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital has developed and completed a pilot study that uses weekly, customized text messages to remind adolescent diabetes patients about their personal treatment activities.

At the conclusion of the study, Dr. Jennifer Dyer, an endocrinologist at the Columbus, O., hospital, found an increase in overall treatment adherence and improved blood glucose levels.

Dyer realized the potential for a simple reminder in a form of a text message because the average teen sends about 50 texts a day, while 75 percent of teen cell phone users have a plan with unlimited texting capabilities.

The rate of medication non-adherence among adolescent recipients is approximately four times higher than that among adult recipients.

If youngsters don’t adhere to their treatment and medication plan, it can result in difficulty concentrating in school or functioning throughout the day.

For more information, go online at http://www.nationwidechildrens.org.


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