Serve kids fruits and veggies first, meat later

Pennsylvania State University nutrition scientist Barbara J. Rolls found a way to get children to eat their fruits and vegetables and revealed it in the May issue of the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition.

Rolls and colleagues worked with preschoolers and found that if you feed them generous amounts of vegetables — in this case raw carrots — as their first course, they will eat more of them. 

A Chicago Tribune blogger tested it on her 6- and 11-year olds and found it worked,although she skipped the carrots. Here’s what she did:

First course: Fragrant, crunchy Gala apple slices. It helps to have one of those apple corers/slicers.

Second: Sweet red pepper strips.

Third: Spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic, then sprinkled with sea salt and lemon juice.

Fourth: Two hot bowls of fresh broccoli soup made by dropping steamed broccoli in a blender with chicken stock (or hot water and a bouillon cube in a pinch).

Fifth: Organic baby greens tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Did they still have room for their organic burgers? About a half a burger each. And no one had room for dessert.


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