Study: Cell phone towers don’t pose cancer risk to pregnant moms, children

A recent study of whether cell phone use boosts the odds of a brain tumor was inconclusive, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal, and because of its complexities, that question won’t be settled any time soon.

But a study done in England came to a conclusion on a different mobile-related issue, and it should be reassuring for parents: Children of women who lived near a cell phone tower while pregnant had no higher risk of a childhood cancer than kids living far from the towers.

The study looked at 1,397 British kids aged up to 4 years with leukemia, or a brain or central nervous tumor, then compared them to similar kids who didn’t have cancer. Researchers measured how far the pregnant moms lived from cell towers and calculated the power each tower threw off.

“We found no association between risk of cancer in young children and estimated exposure to radiofrequency from mobile phone base stations during pregnancy,” the researchers wrote.


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