And the bed bugs stay free

Becky Andrews had quite an ordeal last fall after checking into a Super 8 hotel in Bonner Springs, Kan., according to an Associated Press report.

The retired chemistry teacher from Colorado said she had a “sensation of things crawling on me, but I never saw anything.”

After a couple hours of an “itchy” feeling, she eventually captured a live bug in a plastic cup and took it to the front desk to complain. She complained to the state after the hotel didn’t appear to take her seriously.

A Kansas Department of Agriculture inspector visited the hotel on Nov. 3 and confirmed that Room 406 was infested with bed bugs. The hotel was ordered to fix the problem, and a follow-up inspection was scheduled for Dec. 3, but the follow-up never occurred because the state suspended its lodging inspection program due to budget cuts.

In Kansas today, no government agency is working to ensure that hotel rooms are free of bed bugs, showers are free of mildew, evacuation routes are conspicuously posted, and drinking glasses are properly prepackaged.


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